Three Level Approach to Health & Wellness

We take a three level approach to help you achieve your fitness goals in health and wellness. We focus on eating clean, training hard, and living life! Nutrition is ultimately at the foundation of it all.

Eat Clean – We don’t workout so we can eat…we eat so we can perform to the best in our workouts and in life? Food is what fuels the body and we believe nutrition is the core of any effective strength and conditioning program.

Train Hard – training that is constantly varied, high-intensity, and centered around functional movements. We focus on training strength, conditioning, and mobility 4 – 5 times a week.

Live Life – Enjoy life both inside and outside the gym in community! Our bodies were made to move. So wether that’s playing a sport, running around with the grandkids, or increasing your overall fitness and health our goal is that you live life and live it to it’s fullness!

Building a Strong Foundation in Nutrition

Zone is the nutrition plan we recommend to our athletes. Although, it’s not the only effective plan out there. See in the information below.

The Resolution Zone

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